County and City Employee

2017 Council 2 Scholarship Winners

Dependent Scholarship Awards:

4 Year Scholarship Award ($5,000 per year for 4 years)

In Memory of Jim and Dolores Thompson, Parents of Council 2 Deputy Director J. Pat Thompson, Deceased 
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Krystal Roberts Martha Roberts 1191WC Walla Walla County

$2,000 Award

In Memory of Deborah Foster, Past Member of Local 1811-CA, Snohomish County, Deceased; In Honor of Cindy Richardson, Former Member of Local 1857, King County Library System, Retired 
Recipient’s Name  Member Name Member is from Local
Sydney Benton
Flynn Hibbs
Chyrsten Jacobs
Shalese Jorgenson
Mariah Liebing
Joshua Mauer
Mia Benton
Meg Sands
Randy Jacobs
Roger Jorgenson
J. Scott & Denise Liebing
Hiuchun Mauer
21DC King County District Court
1308 Kitsap County
270 City of Spokane
334 Cowlitz County Public Works
1254CH Lincoln County Courthouse
1857 King County Library System

$5,000 Award

In Memory of Rae Chapman-Eskew, Past Member of Local 109, Snohomish County Public Works, Deceased; In Memory of Sharon Williamson, Past Member of Local 3787, Pierce County Library, Deceased 
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Brandon Apperson
Emily Boutain
Rhys Chapman
Jacob Dunn
Dalton Hutson
Philip Kilian
Shawn Apperson
Jude Boutain
Robert Chapman
Martin Dunn
Brian Hinkle
Frederick Kilian
618 Lewis/Mason/Thurston AAA
1254CH Lincoln County Courthouse
1533 Klickitat County Public Works
1191W City of Walla Walla
1938 City of Lakewood
1533DC Klickitat Co. Deputy Sheriffs

$2,000 Golf Award

In Memory of Greg Ahles, Past Member of Local 113, City of Everett, Deceased; In Memory of Roz Vecchio, Past Member of Local 1857, King County Library System, Deceased
Recipient’s Name Member Name Member is from Local
Karl Anderson
Devyn Davis
Jerissa Fisch
Serene Hammoud
Ashlyn Jamrog
Jakob Kirschenman
Rylie Mullins
Shruti Parikh
Kennedy Parker
Elaine Rohrbaugh
Gloria Witt
Olivia Holden
Karen Anderson 
Derek Davis
Debbie Fisch
Michael Hammoud
Jennifer Jamrog
Trevor Kirschenman
Ronelle Mullins
Sanjay Parikh
Kenneth Parker
Craig Rohrbaugh
Craig Witt
Jonathan & Tara Holden
109 Snohomish County
618 Thurston County
846 City of Wenatchee
120 City of Tacoma
1308 Kitsap County
21RD City of Redmond
1308 Kitsap County
1811CA Snohomish County
1308 Kitsap County
618 Thurston County
114 City of Bellingham
1135 Spokane Co. Road/1254CH Lincoln Co. Courthouse

Continuing Education Award:

In Memory of Kari McManis, Past Member of Local 113, City of Everett, Deceased; In Honor of Patty Goins, Former Member of Local 1811-CA, Snohomish County, Retired
Recipient’s Name Recipient is from Local
Cheryl Harmon
Austin Jennings
Edmond LeSesne
Michelle Massero
Jessica Torres
1837 City of Kirkland
120 Tacoma/Pierce Co. Health Dept.
1811CA Snohomish County
120 City of Tacoma
275 Grays Harbor County


Photos of 2017 Scholarship Winners

Krystal Roberts Serene Hammoud Ashlyn Jamrog
Shruti Parikh Philip Kilian Shalese Jorgenson
Sydney Benton Brandon Apperson Rhys Chapman
Kennedy Parker Chyrsten Jacobs Elaine Rohrbaugh
Dalton Hutson Flynn Hibbs Devyn Davis
Rylie Mullins Mariah-Liebing Gloria-Witt
Michelle Massero Austin Jennings  

2017 Winners' Acknowledgments

Krystal Roberts - thank you video

Thank you for selecting me as a recipient for this scholarship. This will help me during my first year of college! I could not attend Washington State University without your support. I am very excited to start my next path of education towards health care.

Emily R. Boutain

It is with deep gratitude that I accept the $1,000 Continuing Education Award for 2017. I returned to school in 2014; I am now a year away from completing my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Your generous gift is helping me reduce the amount of student debt I'm incurring, and it is a source of encouragement as I head into my senior year of college - the final push! 

My goals for returning to school have not changed, in fact, attending classes with the next generation of business leaders has only strengthened my resolve. I the next phase of my career I see myself as a municipal accountant, but more importantly as a leader in my workplace and community fighting to protect workers' rights. I am proud that I've been able to bring my work experience and union membership into classroom discussions, and hope that I have given my classmates food for thought about the needs of workers as they begin their own careers.

You're helping me improve my value as an employee and as a leader. These skills I'm gaining I plan to use to serve the members of my Local, Council 2 and my community. Thank you for your support in reaching my goals. 

Most gratefully, 
Cheryl Harmon, Trustee
AFSCME Local #1837, City of Kirkland 

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the scholarship you have bestowed upon me. Your generosity will help me complete college so I can become a productive member of the workforce. I am currently attending Olympic College. I will finish there in December 2017. From there I will attend Central Washington University to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology My goal is to work with you and families in our community. 

Again, thank you. I hope that one day I will be in the position to contribute to the scholarship fund so another student has the same chance that you have given me. 

With Gratitude, 
Rylie Mullins 

Thank you very much for selecting me as the winner of a $2000 scholarship award for 2017. This award will help me considerably in attaining my educational goals and is very much appreciated. 

Again, thank you very much for selecting me as a scholarship winner.

Joshua Mauer

Thank you for granting me a $2,000 scholarship. Thanks to you, I am one step closer to my educational goals. I really appreciate your generosity and support! 

Sydney Benton

Thank you so much for granting me the opportunity to continue my education. I really, truly, appreciate it and know that it will increase my success at work.

Have a wonderful day!
Michelle Massero

Thank you so much for rewarding me with a $5,000 scholarship. This scholarship will help me tremendously as I pursue a degree at Washington State University. I hope to make the entire Council 2 membership proud through hard work.

Brandon Apperson

Thank you for this amazing gift of financial assistance! I would not be able to attend college without it, it means the absolute world to me...

Thank you again,
Flynn Hibbs