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Summer 2013

Council 2 adds 109 new members

by County & City Employee staff on September 9, 2013
Council 2 has added 109 new members this year.


• About 35 City of Seattle prosecuting attorneys joined the union in mid-March.

Until joining the union they were an employee association represented by a private attorney. “For nearly two years they were in negotiations that were going nowhere, so they felt the time had come to affiliate with a union,” explains Director of Organizing Bill Keenan.

The vote to join Council 2 was nearly unanimous. “It is an honor that this esteemed group has joined Council 2,” Keenan adds.

• In June, the 33 workers who form Clark County Facilities Maintenance Employees voted to join Council 2. The employees maintain all the mechanical operations of the county buildings and include carpenters, electricians and boiler operators.

“Job security was the biggest issue for them,” Keenan says. “They were particularly concerned about coverage and contracting out of their work.”

• All 23 Kitsap County Juvenile Probation Officers voted on June 27 to join Council 2.

“They felt they needed to have a stronger voice in their working conditions,” Keenan says.