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Summer 2013

Getting back to normal may take time

by Chris Dugovich, Council 2 President and Executive Director on August 26, 2013
This year’s Council 2 Convention went far in outlining our victories and the challenges that this union faces in the coming years.

We are now at the tail end of what was clearly the greatest economic downturn in many of our life times, a recession that caused cutbacks for all and loss of employment for many amongst our membership.

With the increasing good news on the economic front comes a responsibility by the employers to remember our sacrifices and a realization by our membership that it may take a while to get back to normal — and by normal I mean the lack of layoffs, some meaningful hiring of new employees and reasonable wage increases. 

I’ve said throughout this recession that the most important point is to be here when it’s over! This means maintaining jobs, so that when the economy returns we all will still be standing to enjoy its newfound health.

Now that the economy is coming back the politicians will be conservative and cautious, as well they should be! Feast and then famine policies are not what we are after or what we should be pursuing.

What we need is sustainability!